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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 065
Baseline out of bounds - 3 point shot 4 options

5 looks at ball then sets screen for 2.

2 comes off screen hard for first look at 3 point shot in corner.
As ball is put into play:

4 sets screen just inside the top of the key for 3 to come out for second 3 point opportunity.
4 moves across the key and sets screen at the elbow for 1.
1 comes off screen for the 3rd 3 point shot opportunity.

2 start to move for a screen set by 5.
4 moves down to set second baseline screen for 2.
2 comes off second baseline screen from 4 for final 3 point shot opportunity.

2 receives ball in the corner.
Submitted by: Aaron
Category: Out of bounds baseline
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