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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 077

Stack formation

On break, Player 4 moves to weak side low post.  Player 3 cuts in and then hard outside.  Player 1 moves back.

Inbounds pass goes from Player 5 to Player 3 to Player 1.
Player 2 sets a down screen for Player 5.  Player 5 comes off the screen and looks for the pass from Player 1.

If the pass does not come Player 5 clears the key and sets up on the strong side high post.
If the pass does not to Player 5, play continues with Player 3 screening for Player 2.

Player 2 moves outside to take the pass from Player 1.
If Player 2 does not have the shot he will reverse the ball back to Player 1.

Player 3 will cut through the key off Player 4's screen as Player 1 dribbles to his side.

If the defense is in tight MTM Player 5 should pop out to screen for Player 1.

Player 3 will look for the pass & shot from Player 1.
Submitted by: Jim McDonough
Categories: Out of bounds baseline, Offense man
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