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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 085
Baseline out of bounds - Triangle bath-uni

1 Should be calling "Triangle as he is walking towards the end line to get the ball.  This will allow everyone to get into position before 1 is handed the ball by the referee.

1 slaps the ball to initiate the play

5 sets a back pick for 4 who fakes inside and moves to the corner.

3 cuts across the key to screen 5

2 moves to a safety position.
1 has the option of passing to 5 for the layup, the most likely pass will be a bounce pass as 1 will have his defender in front of him.
3 rolls to basket after setting the screen for 5.  Again 1 should select the bass for this situation.  More than likely this will be a bounce pass.
If the previous options are not available then 1 can pass to 2 who has moved as safety.
If the pass goes to 2 then 1 immediately runs his defender off the screen set by 4 and looks for the 3 point shot.

3 can run his defender off 5 and fill the opposite wing.
2 can pass to 1 or to 3 for a 3 point shot. If none of these options are available the ball can be reversed back to 2
4 and 5 move to fill the high post
We are now in our set to run 1-4 offenses.
Submitted by: Ally
Categories: Out of bounds baseline, Offense, Offense 1-4, Offense man
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