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Out of bounds baseline
Playname: Baseline out of bounds 112
Baseline out of bounds - Linha Final

Player with the ball should be a great passer.

On the ball side; low post center with the most mass.
At the other side the other center.
1 the best shooter.
Call "ball' to start the play.

5 sets a block for 1.
1 uses the block and goes outside the 3-point area.
3 is the safety.
After the screen from 5 on 1, player 4 will set a screen for 5 (screen the screener).

3 has moved out making room for 5 and 4.  After setting the screen 4 will lock the defender of 5.
If there isn't a pass to 5, 2 can pass to either 1 or 3 who is further away.

In this case defenders 4 and 5 have switched, 4 roles (pick & roll) to the basket and receives the ball from 2.

After passing the ball 2 goes to the other side of the court to reset the offense.
Submitted by: Carlos Soares
Categories: Out of bounds baseline, Offense man
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