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Playname: Basic screen away
4 and 5 are in the low post.

2 and 3 get open on the wings.  They may use V cuts to get open or just cross through the key in transition.

1 can pass to either wing.
2 looks for a quick Post-Up play to 5 first.

1 looks for Give and Go first and does exchange with 3.
5 waits only a beat (for possible Post-Up pass from 2) before going to screen away for 4.  

Even when the defense knows the Screen-Away is coming, they have to be very skilled to stop it.  To stop it, the defense will probably have to switch defenders.

3 and 1 exchange at the top.
If 4 is not open, 2 can reverse the ball across the top to 3 and then to 1.

This will give 5 a chance to get great Post-Up position before the ball arrives.
2 is being patient with the pass.

4 is Posting-Up and gets the pass.

This sequence offers many options.

It has great perimeter motion, with chances for drives and threes.

4 and 5 get great Post-Up opportunities down low.
Submitted by: Joe F Ryan
Category: Offense motion
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