Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Belgium - beat the close out
a.) Drive to the basket.

• Start with a line of players with balls under the basket, as well as 3 lines of players on the perimeter.
• 4 passes the ball out to 1 and closes out. 1 catches the ball in a stance, shot fakes and penetrates beating the close out to the basket.
• Move along the line for each go, add additional players on the perimeter.
b.) Give and Go

• 4 closes out to 3, who catches the ball in a threat stance, shot fakes and kicks the ball onto 2.
• 3 then cuts to the basket and receives the ball on the move while cutting to the basket.
c.) Drive and Kick

• 1 makes 2 or 3 hard dribbles to the basket to beat the defender, then kicks the ball out to 2 or 3 (who has dived on the penetration) for the catch and shoot.
Submitted by: Matthew Dunstan
Category: Shooting
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