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Playname: Bullets motion 5
Bullets Motion 5
This is a five-man screen and move offense against a man to man defense.  The main idea is to screen away from the pass and move to the ball.  This will only work if we set good screens and wait until the screen gets set before we move.  The players closest to the ball will set screens away from the ball.  The players who get the screen will move to the ball.  The basic positions are the point, wings, and low posts or short corners.  We want to keep the basic positions filled.  Be patient and look inside on each pass.  Sooner or later the inside player will be open. Also, look to go one on one after the pass.  When the ball is dribbled instead of passed the basic screen away movement is initiated.

2 and 3 screen down for 4 and 5.
4 and 5 basket curl.
2 and 3 pop out to the wings
1 passes to 2.  
1 screens away for 3.  
3 moves to the point.

Note: Whenever a player is coming to the ball at the top, he will cut to the decision point at the free throw line.  If the defense is playing below or even with the cutter he will pop out high.  If the defense is playing above or denying the pass he will basket cut.

4 screens across the lane for 5.
4 moves across the lane to the low post or short corner.
2 passes to 3.
5 back screens for 2.

Note: On each pass from the wing to the point the player on the ball side low post will back screen for the passer.  

1 screens down for 4.  4 will basket curl.  we always want 4 and 5 to basket curl when  they get a downscreen
3 should look inside to check all passing options.
Begin the reverse action

Jerry Nicholson-Winnetka Bullets
Winnetka Bullets, Los Angeles Ca
Submitted by: Jerry Nicholson-Winnetka Bullets
Category: Offense motion
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