Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Celtic 3 down
1 is the Point Guard, 2 is the Off Guard, 3 is the Small Forward, 4 is the Power Forward and 5 is the Center.
1 dribbles to 2. 2 cuts up high to free throw line extended and receives pass from 1. At the same time 4 sets a pick for 3 who curls up to the free throw line.
3 has three options:
1) 3 can shoot the jump shot.
2) 3 can dribble to the basket for layup or look to pass to 4 off the dribble or to 2 for a jump shot.
3) 3 can pass to 4 who is posting up.
Submitted by: Keith Evans
Category: Offense man
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