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Warming up
Playname: Coburg weave
Player 1 passes to either wing (Player 2 in diagram), and then runs to touch side line.  Player 2 passes ball to Player 3, and runs to touch side line.  

Player 3 completes lay-up.  Pass should be timed so that Player 3 does not need to dribble.
After shooting lay-up, player 3 runs to opposite side line.  

Player 1 rebounds shot (it must not hit the floor) and passes to Player 2.  

Player 1 then runs to side line.  Player 2 does lay-up.
After Player 2 shoots lay-up, they run to opposite side line.  Player 3 rebounds (ball must not hit floor) and passes to Player 1 for lay-up.

Player 2 rebounds and outlets to Player 3.  The players then return to mid-court.

Alternatively, passive defense can be added.
Submitted by: Michael Haynes
Categories: Warming up, Passing, Layups, Rebounding
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