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Playname: Cones & cans
The drill is named "Cones & Cans" because I used my orange cones for the reverse dribble and the gym's garbage cans as the barriers for crossovers.

Player starts at the key line/baseline intersection and with the ball in the right hand, dribbles to the first cone.  He executes a reverse pivot dribble to the next cone with the ball in the left hand.  Complete the reverse pivots at each cone and remember that the ball must be in the outside hand (away from the defender) after the pivot.  This type of motion imitates the ball handler's zigzag cuts up the court vs. a pressing MTM defender.

After the last cone, explode for a layup.  Grab your rebound and dribble FAST in & out of the 3 obstructions, exploding for a layup at the end.
To reverse the drill, set the cones on the opposite side of the gym.  Have the players go out from the other low post area so that they go to the left on the first dribble.

If you have a younger team it helps for a coach to stand behind the last can in line to see if each player is looking up as they dribble.  You can't see the defense if you are looking at the floor.

Make sure that players are crossing-over properly, instead of carrying the ball with their dominant hand.
Submitted by: Jim McDonough
Category: Dribbling
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