Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Corners to triangle
1 - 4 set
Looking to create triangles.

1 passes to 2.

1 cuts to basket and go ball side short corner.

4 creates a post target.

3 replaces 1.

Overloading 1 side.
Triangle is formed with 4 playing a mid post position.

Quick passing is the key.

If no opportunities are available ball is swung to 3
When ball is passed from 2 - 3, 1 runs the baseline to deep corner.

3 dribbles ball to opposite wing.

5 creates a post target.
Triangle is formed again.

2 replaces 3.

4 returns to high post.

Rules for the offense:

• Post gets the ball other post cuts to basket.

• Quick passing.
Submitted by: Andrew Solewicz
Category: Offense man
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