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Playname: Crazy
Point guard starts in the center of the court.  He then picks a man to run "Crazy" to.

This offense is best for personnel with a good PG, a good 3pt shooter and post players & wing that can execute good cuts, seals well and can finish at the rim.  These last three players do not have to be the best of shooters from outside 6 feet.
PG has option to attack any of his teammates' men.  He drives straight to the backside of the defender guarding the Wing.  As soon as the defender turns to help against the dribble penetration from the PG, the Wing runs toward the goal to receive the pass from the PG.

If the PG isn't very tall, recommend using a quick pull back dribble to clear space to execute the pass to the 2.
The play can be run for the Wings or the Posts.  It works especially well against aggressive defenses if you have a strong PG.

You may run Crazy directly up the middle between the 2 Posts & have both Posts break to the hoop once their men commit to stopping the dribble.

If the 2 doesn't receive the pass holds at the strong side block with his man on his back for a 2 count to receive the pass from the 3.  He continues on to the weak side Wing.

Depending on the position of the 5's defender he may slide to the block to receive an entry pass from the 1 (now on the Wing).
If the Wing isn't open on the roll to the hoop, the PG passes back to the opposite Wing at the top of the key (the opposite Wing recieves a screen from the 4).

Side note:
The 4 picking also has the added benefit in sequence 3 of pulling his man even further from the basket & occupying his mind to prevent help.

Back to this sequence...the 3 is free to shoot the three or hit the 5 on a lob after sealing his man on the high side.
The 3 next chooses who he wants to run CRAZY toward.

For this illustration we choose the 5.
The 5 seals high & floats to the basket to receive the lob from the 3.

If the 5 doesn't receive the pass the 3 will pass to the 2 after the 4 screens for him.
The 2 shoots the three after receiving the screen from the 4.

If the 2 isn't open for the three, the 5 screens at Wing for the 1 for a pass at the block from the 2.
If the pass to the 1 isn't open, the 2 becomes the PG, the 1 continues on through to the opposite Wing & the 3 goes to the other Wing & the 5 goes back to his original position at the elbow.
Post to Wing Option:
PG passes to either Post.  The post fakes a pass to the Wing.  The Wing fakes receiving the pass then back cuts to the basket.  The post passes to the back cutting wing for a layup.

The 5 screens for the 3, then screens for the 2 as the 2 drifts to the weak side Wing for the three.

You'll find after running this a couple of times the Post can easily pivot & drive to the basket instead of hitting the cutter.
The 4 passes to the 1 or the 3.

If the 1 or the 3 isn't open, the 2 is the 3rd option on the opposite Wing for the three.
The 2 shoots the three or hits the 1 on the block after receiving a screen from the 3 as they cross.
If none of the options are open, the 1 continues to the left of the 2 to receive the ball & set it up at the top.
Submitted by: Shane Hanson
Category: Offense 1-4
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