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Offense man
Playname: Cska # 5 up
CSKA  2009-2010  # 5 up.  

1 dribbles the strong side and start with an entry pass to 4, stepping out.

Baseline screen from 5 for 2.

2 can fake the screen and step out for the 3-pointer.

Or 2 uses the screen,

1. Direct pass from 4 to 2 under the basket.
2. Pass from 4 to 5 rolling to the basket (ball-basket) after the screen.
3. 4 passes to 3.

3 can pass to 2 who is posting up.

Note: that the guards and forwards (1, 2, and 3) can be interchanged.
So why it is called 5 up.

If nothing happens.
5 comes up and sets a screen for 3. Followed by a side pick & roll.
Submitted by: Roman Tymanski
Categories: Offense man, Offense
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