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Hbw 1998
Playname: Defense wins drill
Based on the clinic of Rene Spandauw at the HBW Clinic on the 29th of December 1998.

This is a 4 on 4 on 4 half-court drill. You play a game until (let's say) 7.
The rules:
• You can only score a point when you're on defense, so when you have a stop, force a turnover or get a defensive rebound.
• If the offense scores, offense goes to defense, defense goes out (to mid court), a new offensive teams rotates in.
• when you get a defensive stop, you stay on defense and a new offensive team rotates in.
• On a score you need to check the basketball with a coach on top of the key.
• A foul on a shooter means a made basket, so defense goes out.
• Insert rules for team fouls. For instance: every foul after the 2nd one (even a non-shooting foul) counts as a made basket.
• There is no out of bounds rule, so you keep playing!
Purpose of the drill
Develop competitiveness
It covers all aspects of offensive and
defensive fundamentals in the game
Develop leadership

Teaching points
Do not quit!
Find the balance between technique and intensity
All the things you've taught at break down drills
Do not stop the drill for individual instruction, take that player out and let the others continue, but leave the defensive players in all the time and instruct them afterwards

You should not use this drill in the beginning of the season. First you'll have to teach all the individual aspects before players start doing them wrong! This is very important. It's easier to teach somebody to do it the right way than to have to change it to do it the right way!
Submitted by: Jes-Soft
Category: Hbw 1998
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