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Offense diamond
Playname: Diamond play 3
Sepk Salonica 2009

Play for the center.

4 sets a screen for 2 and rolls to the low post.
2 receives the ball. The play is mirrored when 2 goes to the other side.

3 steps outside the 3-point area opposite to the ball.
2, 3 move to the weak side and 4 clears the paint, taking the guard position.
5 flashes to the ball or cuts behind his defender.

We always have the high-low option with 4.
Side pick and roll option

Swing the ball to weak side.

Side pick and roll between 4 and 1.

Down screen and hand-off option

1 sets a down screen for 3.

3 goes along the baseline to the other side.

5 sets a pick for 3.
Handoff between 4 and 1.

1 drives hard and can finish the play or can pass to 4 or 2.

2 can shoot or pass to 3.
Submitted by: Kostas Kalogeropoulos
Categories: Offense diamond, Offense man
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