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Offense diamond
Playname: Diamond play 5
Sepk Salonica 2009

Against strong overplay.

4 sets a "weak" screen for 3 who is over played, goal is to get 4 free.

5 sets a screen for 2 and rolls to the low post.
4 is free and receives a pass from 1.

2 and 3 go low.
1 cuts around 4, possible hand off.

5 goes high.
5 sets a strong down screen for 2 and goes back to the low post.

3 moves a bit up, spacing, keeping defender busy.
4 sets a dribble screen for 2, hand off between 4 and 2.

At the same time 1 sets a screen for 5.
2 has 3 passing options

5 inside the bucket.

3 outside the 3-point area.

4 stepping out after the hand off.
If no hand off between 4 and 2.

2 keeps cutting down.

3 goes up.
3 plays a hand off with 4.
After the hand off.

5 sets a screen for 4 and moves towards the basket.

4 uses the screen to get free.
Submitted by: Kostas Kalogeropoulos
Categories: Offense diamond, Offense man
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