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Playname: Double screen(six) 26,56
Double Screen Play

3Out-2In set illustrated.  Can be run from Open Post set with corner moving in or 1-2-2 stack set with bottom stackers (wing player) coming out.

Point dribbles in opposite direction of eventual pass.  Wing screens down to form Double Screen.  Wing cuts through lane and bottom of screen.
Point quickly reverses dribble to time pass to cutter as he clears the screen.  

Cutter should set and square up for jump shot.  Post, opposite screening action comes high for reversing pass from 1.
If 3 does not receive pass, continue around the double screen (swing and go).  

Point should pass to 3 as he circles the screen or reverse to 5.

As 3 clears lane, 4 follows to re-establish double screen on the ball side of the lane
2 then repeats cut below screen looking for pass from 5 and open jump shot behind the screen.
Cutter and passer must read defense.
2X came over the top of the screen to prevent the pass from 5.

Reading his defender, 2 immediately cuts backdoor.

5 should pass to 2 as he clears the screen.
3 should seal 2X.
Pattern can continue.
This time, 3 cuts through wide to the 3 point line.
Submitted by: Brent Drews
Category: Offense man
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