Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Dynamo X
Dynamo -X

Setup 1 - 2 - 2 wide.

Guard chooses a side; play can be played on both sides.

1 goes to the right, 4 steps out and receives the ball from 1.
Back cut:

Screen from 5 for 1. 1 is a very good shooter.

If it is a good screen. Depending if and which defender is helping to defend 1, 4 has 3 passing options.

To 3 if the defender of 3 helps to defend 1.

To 1 if no defender helps.

To 5 sliding to the basket if the defender of 5 helps to defend 1.

In this case the ball goes to 1.
Submitted by: David Dedek
Category: Offense man
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