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Playname: Early offense transition
The break begins with the outlet pass to either wing guard (2, 3). The point guard (1) has to go to the middle to receive the headman pass. 2 and 3 run their lanes trying to keep pace with 1. The forwards (4, 5) trail the break and fill the centre two lanes.

The goal is to balance the floor on the break regardless of which side the rebound comes. Getting the ball middle allows this to happen and the push middle allows the 1 man to find options in transition before settling into a 1/2 court set. The idea is to keep head manning the ball. If 3 has leaked out then the pass has to me made and the lanes still have to be run in case a scoring opportunity is taken away.
The 1 is looking for layups and backdoor opportunities as he approaches the foul line. He can also look for a 1 on 1 opportunity or penetrate and pitch opportunity early.

If not then 4 and 5 now have the option of diving down the lane for a late break lob scoring opportunity.

If nothing develops then 1 backs out and starts 1/2 court offense.
The 1/2 court begins with an exchange between 2 and 3. They use the down screens provided by 4 and 5 to get open on the wing.

2 and 3 make a read, they can flare or curl the screens if it is available. 4 and 5 stay active look for post up opportunities after the screens are set.

1 must keep the dribble alive and bring the ball to the side that is open if needed.
After a wing entry 1 is setting a cross screen for 5.

5 should cut to mid-key for a short range jumper.

3 must stay alert and watch for cheating defense and backdoor opportunities.
Shortly after 5 gets to middle 4 must set a hard back screen on 5's defender.

After doing so 5 should have an open lane to the basket. 3 should look quickly and hit 5 with a quick low bounce pass for a lay-up.

At this point 2 is cutting to become the reversal man and 1 balances the floor by popping out to the wing.
Once 4 has set the back screen he should make a read as to where an opening is for him to go. It may be high or low.

A read should be made as the ball is reversed as to whether or not 4 and 5 have quick hitting post opportunities. If not the ball is reversed quickly.
After reversing 2 sets the cross screen to keep the pattern going.
5 flashes to the opening they are given. And 1 makes a decision to pass or wait for the back screen.
As the back screen happens 1 makes the read for an entry to 5 or go high low by passing to 4.

As 3 cuts 1 must also read if a skip to 2 popping out to the wing is available, or just a normal reversal pass.
The ball is reversed and the pattern continues.

Read and react don't become complacent in running the pattern. Watch carefully for openings to occur while the cuts are happening.
Submitted by: Adam Urbach
Category: Transition
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