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Offense zone
Playname: Easy zone offense
Easy Zone offense play with several chances to do the basket.
This is a play to give player 1 an open shot. But if that doesn't work we have some more choices to clear the situation.
1 passes to 2
This is the signal for 4 to go to the weak side.
1 runs through the zone (there is a chance for a give and go with 2) and gets behind players 5 and 4.
3 steps a bit higher to receive the pass from 2.
When 1 gets behind the screen, he receives the pass from 3.
Now 1 has the chance to take the shot.
If he cannot shoot, 3 drives through the zone.
1 can now pass to 3.
2 takes the old position of 3.
If 1 cannot pass to 3, he can now pass back to 2.
3 gets out of the zone to the weak side and gets to the old position of 2.
4 now clears the screen and gets into the zone. 2 can now pass to 4. If 4 is not open, which is mostly the case, 4 gets to the opposite side.
Then 5 gets into the zone and 2 has the second chance to pass into the zone.
If 5 is not open, 2 can pass to 1.
If nobody is open, 5 returns to his old position and 1 gets to the forward position on the same side.
Now we are back in the starting positions and we can try to play the same on the other side.
Submitted by: Magnus Hömberg
Category: Offense zone
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