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Offense zone
Playname: E zone offense
E is ran against even front zones (2-3). Guards and Posts players have the freedom to play out of this set. Guards can pass and replace, shallow cut, push corner, screen the zone. Perimeter players must attack the gaps of the zone.

Attack the defender's inside foot or shoulder. Posts players have the same freedom, in the short corner bury yourself behind the zone (attack from behind the backboard) screen the bottom of the zone then pin and seal the middle man.

Once the ball's in the high post seal and duck in hard looking for the ball. High post man, find the seams and flash to them, don't cut as the defense rotates, cut early or cut late. With the ball look to score, high-low entry, or look opposite wing. Once the ball's in the short corner dive hard to the rim.
Pass and replace entry

1 passes to 2 and replaces with 3.

Opposite post (4) comes high and ball side post drops short corner.
Shallow cut entry

1 dribble entries to 3's side 3 shallow cuts high.

Opposite post (5) flashes high post.
Corner entry

1 dribbles 2 down to the corner and makes entry pass.
5 screens outside bottom defender on the entry pass.

4 flashes high post.
If defender does not fight over screen.

If defender does fight over the screen 5 will pin hard and seal the middle man of the zone.
After the defender fights through the screen 2 knows 5 will be open on the pin and seal.
Ball reversal

Ball reversal back to the top is the best chance to attack the gaps of the zone.

On penetration the defense will collapse other players must get in the holes and windows of the zone. Then we can get easy looks off drive and dish and drive and kick.
An example of scoring options and open looks off penetrating gaps.
Hi-Low Action

2 enters the ball to 4 in the high post.

5 immediately flashes from short corner to rim sealing hard.

4 looks to score, pass to 5 on the seal.

Look opposite wing to 3.
Short corner action

2 enters the ball to 5 buried in the short corner.

On the catch, 4 dives hard in the gap looking to finish at the rim.
High post man screening the zone

On ball reversal back to top high post man screens top zone defender who has fought over the top and denied.

1 sweeps and attacks hard off the screen.
Flare screen option

Backside guard (3) sprints to set flare screen on backside top zone defender.

In some cases, zones might use different coverage's to guard the high post instead of denying with backside guard.

This will be effective in those situations.
2 makes skip pass to 1 on opposite wing using flare screen set by 3.

1 looks for open look or the drive.
Submitted by: Andy Hill
Category: Offense zone
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