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Playname: Fast break progression
Split in two teams on both baselines. This is ran full court and live.

Once the teams have got the hang of this drill you can start to add conditions or rules.

- No dribbles
- Only 3 dribbles per pass
- Time limits 5 seconds to score and so on

B1 shoots ball, B2 rebounds & outlet passes to B1.

They run 2 vs.1 full court transition.
B1 must either attack basket, to commit R1, or make the quick pass to B2 for an easy bucket.

This is ran live so if the
- Ball is turned over
- A basket scored
- Possession is lost

We transition back down court adding in R2 & R3 to make it 3 vs. 2 back.
On fast break R1 dribble up court and pass to either R2 or R3 on the drive.

If the defense covers the pass and stop the easy layup the ball must be swung to the opposite cutter for open basket.

Defense play tandem defense covering ball and next pass.
Same rules apply, if the ball is lost or a basket scored we add B3 & B4

Use your transition offense 1st & 2nd options, motion etc.
If the drive is stopped at any point use the extra man, swing ball around for open shot.
Ball turned over or basket scored,

R4 & R5 are added, 5 vs. 4 back.

Same principles apply to offense & defense.
Turnover or Score, B5 is added to mix and now 5 vs. 5 back.
5 vs. 5 transition offense & defense get a great work out & with breakdown of fast breaks to!

We run 5 vs. 5 for a possession each then start again, with 2vs1 with different players starting.
Submitted by: Tony Shand
Category: Conditioning
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