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Offense 4-1
Playname: Findlay 4 out in 1 offense
• Starts out in a 4-out 1-in set, with wings near free-throw line extended.

• 1 passed to 2 on the wing and makes a basket cut looking for the ball, then clears to opposite corner.

• As 1 passes to 2, 5 man needs to back out from block to block, and then fill up to slot position where 4 was.

• Also on pass from 1 to 2, 4 man comes over for a middle ball screen.

• Action should be quick, with 4 coming right off 1's cut to set screen.
• 2 man uses screen to attack the paint. First look is always to score; second look is to 4 on the roll. (Can do pick and pop if you choose. We usually leave it up to them to decide. If it's a 4/5 we like a roll, but later in continuity it may be a guard pick and popping).

• Other players fill in corner, wing, and slot with good spacing. If not shot or score, 2 will kick to 5 up top.
• After kick out, 2 replaces the top slot position, while 4 occupies the opposite block.

• 5 will dribble at 3, who will v-cut and make a backdoor cut. This is a scoring look.

• Actions should be quick. After 5 catches he must dribble hard at 3.
• After backdoor look, 3 clears to opposite corner.

• 5 keeps is dribble if possible and initiates a dribble handoff with 1. If the dribble is picked up, 1 must recognize and come quickly for handoff.

• 5 rolls in open space. 1 must attack the paint looking to score, similar to the first sequence ball screen.
• If no scoring opportunity, 1 will kick out to 2 in the slot.

• 5 must clear out to open wing spot, and 1 fills other top slot spot.
• You can see that the play is back into the initial starting sequence, with a weak left side and strong right side. The actions will be the same, but the players are in different spots.

• It is important for all players to recognize and be comfortable playing every position.
Submitted by: Jesse Faeth
Categories: Offense 4-1, Offense man
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