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Playname: Fire 2
Base offense is set up....1 calls out Fire 2. 4 comes to RT FT line and sets pick. 3 replaces 2 at top of key. 5 clears to backside baseline. 1 passes ball to 3
2 comes off 4s pick. and continues down to box.
3 passes ball back to 1. After clearing 4, 2 posts up his defender hoping to get the ball inside.
1 takes 2 dribbles down and bounce passes inside to 2. 1 main job is to get the ball down to 2 at the post.
If the post is not open, then 1 signals 5 by pump faking to 2. 5 then comes to set a backside pick for 2. 3 begins a V cut
1 signals 2 to cut by ball faking a second time. 2 pivots baseline coming off pick and continues to 3pt line. 1 has 2 options based on what the defense does....if the defense switches then 1 will try to get the ball to 5 who is posting up on a defending guard. IF they don't switch, then 1 passes the ball down to 3 coming off a V cut.
3 then passes ball over to 2 for a 3pt shot.
2 takes 3pt shot while 4 and 5 crash boards.
Submitted by: James Presley
Category: Offense
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