Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Five

2 & 3 low posts.
4 & 5 high posts.
1 starts high.

4 & 5 lead to 3pt line to start offense.
1 passes to 4.

5 screens for 1 (attacking empty area on weak side - if not on wing).

Ball side low post "2" creates space and goes outside 3pt line.

3 tries to seal inside key (especially if mismatch) but essentially creating space for 1 and is ready to set back screen for 4.
4 looks to feed 1 on opposite side for a shot.

4 passes to 5 - ball reversed.

5 passes to 1 - ball swung.

3 back screens 4 (going to basket).

1 looks to pass to 4.
5 then "picks the picker" on 3.

1 can look to feed 3 at top of key off the screen


1 can feed 5 diving to basket after the screen.
Now we finish in a 3 out 2 in scenario.

With the shot clock winding down we either have on balls or isolations wing or post.
Submitted by: Andrew Solewicz
Category: Offense man
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