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Offense flex
Playname: Flex from 4 down
This offense is great for kids running against a man to man defense and also as a quick hitter for older players

The 1 guard chooses a seam to run down with the other four players flat across the baseline.

Depending on the seam the player in the low block on the opposite seam pops out. In this case the 2 guard.
The 1 guard passes to the 2 guard.

The player in the block the screens for the wing player to cut across in the same direction as the pass to the opposite low block.
The 2 guard should look to hit the wing man in the block as the first and most effective option.
After this cut the 1 guard screens down for the 4 man who is looking to curl to the high post area.

2 passes to 4 if open.
The 1 guard pops out to the wing.

4 pops out to make up 2 guard front if there is no pass.
2 passes to 4 and the sequence starts again.
The offense can be adapted to incorporate a back door screen instead of a down screen to keep the defense honest.

This is great for developing players to play all positions of the floor.
Submitted by: Paul Boath
Categories: Offense flex, Offense man
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