Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Forward leads - leads drill 2
Cut #2 - V-Cut 10-Fingers-Under-The-Basket

After the Catch, Square-Up and Shot-Fake (CSUSF) from the previous sequence, 3 passes back to 1. The pass back to 1 is with the outside hand (one-hand push pass).  
3 moves into the key and puts both hands up (10 fingers) as a catch fake directly under the basket.
3 then cuts hard (again, change-of-direction=change-of-pace) back out to the wing position (free-throw line extended to the 3 point line) where he receives a pass back from 1.  He does CSUSF.

After 1 passes to 3, 1 executes a Replace-Yourself cut.
Submitted by: Curtis Perry
Category: Fundamentals
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