Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Gauntlet
This is a passing toughness drill.

The player starts underneath the basket with a passer to his right, about even with the foul line, then a passer between half court and the foul line...being closer to half court...and then a passer between half court and the next foul line, once again, closer the line.

The player starts by passing to #2 as the player sprints towards the 1st defender, when the player gets there, the pass should arrive at the same time, with the player catching it with a jump stop, and swinging the ball through hard, and stepping towards passer #3 with a hard bounce pass.

The defenders in this drill should be slapping at the players and the ball being very aggressive.
These steps continue throughout the drill, at the 3rd defender...the player should give a ball fake and go either right or left around the defender after catching the pass from the passer and doing a jump stop.
Submitted by: Adam Keener
Categories: Passing, Offense 1 on 1, Warming up
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