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Offense zone
Playname: Goku
Start in a 1-2-2 formation player 1 starts with a pass to 2 wich has the option of a shot.
2 passes to 4 and goes to the corner to
receive the ball back of 4 for a shot.
4 tries to play 1x1 or to pass to 2.
The 1 takes the place from 2 and 3 takes the place from 1.

If 2 cannot throw, he passes to 1 who can try a middle distance shot.
2 goes alongside the baseline to the opposite corner using the screen of 5.
1 passess to 3 s he can throw the ball to two who is in shot position with 5.
3 passes to 2 for a middle distance shot.
Si 2 no puede tirar, regresa a 3 y corta al lado opuesto, 3 tira o pasa a 1.
If 2 cannot throw, he returns the ball to 3 and it cuts alongside the baseline to the opposite corner, 3 throws the ball to 1.
2 cuts short using 4 as a screen and hopes to receive the ball from 1.
If 2 cannot throw the ball is returned to 1 and we are back in the starting 1-2-2.


Submitted by: Manuel Fernando Gomez
Category: Offense zone
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