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Playname: High-low box set
Hi Lo begins in a box set with the post players in the high post and the guards on the low block.

When the point guard signals the play the post players drop to the low block and the guards run off their tail and pop out free throw line extended.
Point guard will make an entry pass to a wing and dive to the opposite dead corner.  

The opposite side post will step to the middle of the floor and pop up to the top of the key and replace the point guard.
The 2 guard will reverse the ball to the 5 guard and the 4 will step into the middle of the floor using a reverse pivot or simply pinning his man on his hip.

The Hi Lo pass from the 5 to the 4 is our first scoring option.
If 5 can't make the pass to the 4 then he will reverse the ball to the 1 in the dead corner.

The 4 man will hold his seal for a "two-count" then flash to the ball side block.
After 5 reverses to 1 he will dive to the opposite block and set a down screen for the 2 who pops to the top of the key.
1 will pass to 2 at the top of the key.  

Then the 2 will dribble to the opposite wing, free throw line extended.  

The 5 is posting up.
After the 2 guard dribbles off the 3 and the 4 will set a staggered double screen for the 1.  

He will come off the screen and flash to the three point line.  If he doesn't recieve a pass from the 2 he will bounce back out to the top of the key and catch a reversal pass from the two.
2 will reverse to the 1 and the 3 will pop back out to the wing.

This will bring us back to the same three out-two in set that we started the play with.  

This will be a continuous play until we get the shot that we want.
Submitted by: Jason Faulkner
Category: Offense box
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