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Offense man
Playname: Hopewell
This play frees up the low post man at the foul line so he can pass to the opposite low post man cutting to the middle. It is designed for CYO basketball where the defense cannot cross the foul line and there is no zone or double teaming allowed.
2 sets a pick on 5' s man as 1 passes to 3
3 passes back to 1
5 runs off the pick to get free at the foul line. He must come up high enough to prevent 1 from stealing the ball.
1 passes to 5 and sets a pick on 4's man. 3 stays close to the sideline to keep his man out of the play.
5 can either shoot, or pass to 4 as he runs off the pick to the middle of the lane.
2 stays wide to keep his man out of the play.
4 shoots
All players crash the boards for rebounds
Submitted by: D.Macna
Category: Offense man
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