Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Kentucky
1 brings ball down floor while teammates line up along freethrow extended as shown.
1 passes to 3. 5 sets screen for 1 and 1 cuts to block.
OPTION 1: 3 shooting the long ball.
OPTION 2: 1 cutting to block.
2 screens for 4 who goes to elbow. 2 then goes to arch.
3 passes to 5.
OPTION 3: 4 cutting backdoor.
Ball is reversed from 5 to 2. 3 cuts to baseline and works off of 1's
OPTION 4: 2 shooting long ball.
3 goes to opposite block.
OPTION 5: 3 cutting to block.
4 and 5 double screen one.
1 goes to top of key.
OPTION 6: 1 shooting at top of key
4 pops back out to wing and 5 stays at block.
2 passes back to point. 3 and 5 slide up to elbows.
Submitted by: Les Friebe
Category: Offense man
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