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Playname: Lear ball with defense
Coach initiates drill with shot, players block out three steps.

Defenders may defend in following ways. Defend either outlet pass, fall back to the paint, double team players, etc.

Offense goal is to complete three fast breaks.
Time the event score, the team with the fewest seconds wins. Time starts when offense grabs the initial rebound. Ends when ball goes through the net.

An offensive score subtracts 5 seconds from the overall score.

A defensive steal or rebound adds 10 seconds to the overall score.
On a defensive steal or rebound, the defense throws the ball out of bounds. Beneath each basket an extra ball should be waiting to be given to the offensive team to inbound and start the fast break again (clock runs while this happens).
This is a fast break simulation, therefore inappropriate delays by the offense should be penalized.
1st Place: Lear(3) Ball in 20 seconds
2nd Place: Lear(4) Ball in 27 seconds
3rd Place: Lear(5) Ball in 33 seconds
Submitted by: Kevin Jorgensen
Category: Conditioning
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