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Defense press
Playname: Liberty 2-2-1 press left
Again, this is our initial 2-2-1 3/4 court press alignment.  We will illustrate the press as the offense attacks from the offense's left hand side of the court.
The opponent inbounds to their left side.  We allow the pass, then our guard on that side (1) will apply immediate pressure, forcing the ball handler up the sideline.  1 cannot allow the ball handler off of the sideline.

2 takes away short middle.

4 matches up with the player in her area while 3 stays at home.

5 is deep.
As 1 forces the ball up the sideline, 2 continues to take away any possible pass into the short middle.

4 is working back and forth between the ball and the girl in her area, effectively denying any pass up the sideline and baiting the ball handler into a trap near midcourt.

5 rotates toward the side of the ball.

3 takes deep middle.
1 maintains tough ball pressure.

Notice how 2 denies short middle.  We will allow a pass back to the inbounder, but we MUST keep the ball out of the middle of the press!

4 is ready to pass her player off to 5, who is rotating over.

3 has deep middle.
Hopefully we can keep the ball advancing up the sideline.
We move the press accordingly.
1 & 4 set the first sideline trap.  They lock feet and trace the ball, looking for a deflection or a jump ball.

5 has her player sealed up, and 2 has the short middle closed up.  3 is in position for the deep pass.

Notice that the trap has occurred in the backcourt.  Let's look at how we would play this if the player who is trapped passes back to the trailer.
On a pass back into the midlane, 1 and 2 reset in front of the ball.  Remember that we MUST get the ball out of the middle!

3, 4 and 5 have rotated to keep the 2-2-1alignment.  

We keep the press on!
We want to continue looking at the rotations for the offense's left side attack, so let's assume a pass is made back to the left sideline.

1 will immediately attack the ball handler, again keeping her on the sideline and forcing her up the court into a trap with 4.

2 has short middle.

5 rotates to cover the sideline on ballside.

3 will take deep middle to protect the basket.
Our next trap is set by 1 and 4.  It appears we are in excellent defensive position to create a turnover.
To continue illustrating the trap, lets assume a successful pass is made up the sideline.  

5 has to contain the ball and keep it on the sideline.  Ideally we can force the ball handler to the baseline.

2 must sprint to the weakside block.

As 2 nears the lane, 3 should slide across to the strong side block.

4 retreats out of the trap to cover the high post ballside.

1 covers the perimeter.
Here we have the ball contained by 5 and the blocks and the high post are covered.

On a pass out to the perimeter, we would shift into a half court defense, but let's assume we can get the ball handler to attack the baseline.
Let's look at the rotations and have the offensive players filling some likely spots also.
As you can see by where the offensive players have moved, we ALWAYS need to cover the strongside and weakside blocks and the high post.  A pass to any of these areas would leave our defense vulnerable to a good percentage shot.
If the offense is able to pass out of the trap, we shift to a 3-2 matchup zone this time.
Submitted by: Steve Dickinson
Category: Defense press
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