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Offense zone
Playname: Load
Start with a 1-2-2 set, forwards wide centers close to the bucket.

1 passes to 2.

3 comes across to the elbow.
2 looks in to 4 or 3.

If neither is open, 2 passes to 5 coming to the top off a screen from 1.
5 looks in to 1 or 4.

5 passes to 3 as he moves back out on the wing.
When 3 receives pass, he looks to 1 at the short corner or to 3 at the elbow.  

5 screens down for 4 coming to the top.
3 passes to 4 at the top.  

2 then begins to slide back to the wing.
After the next sequence the play is now back at the beginning with the big men on different sides of the lane.
Submitted by: Chris Calhoun
Category: Offense zone
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