Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Look inside shot from top
1 brings ball up court and calls Play 2.
Players get in places.
1 passes the ball to 3.

5 keeps defender on his toes.

2 screens the defender of 4.
4 cuts to the basket and 3 will try and pass to him if not then 2 gets the ball from 3.
2 passes the ball to 1 and 4 screens off 5 defender.
1 can pass to 5 if he is open.

4 screens the defender of 3.
1 passes ball to 3.

2 screens  1 defender and then 1 cuts to the basket.
3 can either shoot the 3-point shot or pass to 1 who is wide open.
1 gets the rebound if needed.
Submitted by: Richard Lawson
Category: Offense man
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