Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: Man 1
After 1 calls the play he slowly moves to the left.

Nobody really try to look in a hurry yet.

1 tries not to look at 3, even though you know you are about to pass to them.
When 1 makes the pass, he gets across half court and he makes it look like he wants the ball back.

4 be ready to clear from your defender.
When 3 gets the pass, catch and pass to 2 quick.

2 must be ready to pass to 4.
1 keeps fading in to the open lane.

5 get ready to block your defender out.
1 needs to make quick hard cut thru the lane.

4 the pass here counts a lot, make it good.

3 block out you man.
1 don't count on anything here.

Take a good shot.

If everyone works together here this can be a very effective play.

Submitted by: Jerry Dunn
Category: Offense man
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