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Offense zone
Playname: Michigan
This is a quick hitter to get an open three or an inside lay-up against a 2-3 zone. It starts in a 4 out-1 in alignment.

1 dribbles at X1 and forces him to play him this sends 2 cutting behind the basket to the opposite corner.
Meanwhile, 3 flashes middle calling for the ball. 4 gets as far away from 1 as he can while still able to be a threat and get the easy pass.
As 2 runs through 5 looks to screen the outside bottom defender in the 2-3.

1 crosses over and looks to make X2 play him as he attacks middle.
1 reverses the ball to 4.

While the ball is in there air 5 slips off the first screen and screens the middle defender while 3 dives to the low block.

If 4 is open he can shoot the open 3 or if he sees X4 is slow getting out pass to 2 for the three.
Now 4 can dump it into 3 for the lay-up.
Submitted by: Andrew Sparks
Categories: Offense zone, Offense, Offense
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