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Offense motion
Playname: Motion #2 - flex
Initial Court Set

Spacing is very important.

There MUST be good spacing for this motion to work.

Move with a purpose; don't just move to be moving. Make you movement mean something, use V-cut, jab steps & ball fakes!

Show Target hands were you want to receive the pass!
When the pass goes to the wing O2, O5 slides up the lane and posts up and O3 breaks to the corner.
O2 & O3 Must look for:  
   A: Penetrating Pass
   B: Dribble Penetration

When the ball goes to the corner O5 slides to post position above the block. Also O5 may come out and set a screen for O3.
If no pass is made to O5, then O3 swings the ball back to O2 who quickly reverses the ball to O1.

O4 breaks up the lane and out to the left wing, receiving the pass from O1.

O3 runs the baseline.
When O4 passes to O3, O4 cuts directly to the opposite block area. O3 can either do....
    A: Pass back to O4
    B: Shoot or drive
    C: Pass to O5 who cuts low across the lane.

Note: O5 Does Not cut if O3 shoots or drives.
When O4 cuts across the lane, O2 will sprint to the other wing to assume O4's position.

The first half of the continuity is complete.

The motion now continues as it began.
Submitted by: John Heintzelman
Categories: Offense motion, Offense flex, Offense man, Offense
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