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Offense motion
Playname: Motion 2
Basic position  for " this type " of the Motion Offense is far 1-2-2 , all players are situated on the three point line.
Important: after all CUTS make sure to keep the field wide!
The first option in this " system " is for the player that passes the ball.
Whereby four recurring movements are possible
a) Cut to the basket
b) Screen away
c) Direct screen (very rare)
d) Backdoor screen for " centers "
This movements can also follow each other directly
The " basic rules" are
a) all positions must be filled up as fast as possible.
b) all position must be taken again (all players outside the three point line)
c) the first movement comes from the passing player
d) there are no false cuts
e) all players can be used on all positions
f) even if the play is very fast play, each player must apply the patience for clean movements (above all clean blocks)
Parallel to all movements on the ball side, cuts and blocks (also the backdoor block of 1 for 5) on the weakside can be run.
Screen away blocks, which are used " only " as start option, are often very effective
For example. Player 2 passes the ball to 4 - > and places a screen for 3 and cuts after the block immediately to the board (5 and 1 fil the postions)
Submitted by: Gerrit Sittner
Category: Offense motion
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