Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Mushu
Start in basic offensive positions.

1 passes the ball to 3.

5 cuts up to the elbow.

While 5 is cutting, 1 cuts down the middle.
1 cuts all the way through and out to the 3 point arch.

If she is open, 3 passes her the ball for the outside jump shot.

If not, look for 5 on the elbow.

If neither of these options are open, then 3 dribbles out to the point and we begin new offense.
If 1 shoots, 5 and 4 rebound.

If 1 receives the ball, and the guard doesn't cover her and instead a forward comes out, then 5 or 4 cutting across the lane should be open.
Submitted by: Kari Maskalis
Category: Offense
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