Basketball plays and drills
Offense man
Playname: One u18 2009
1 passes to 4.

5 sets screen for 3.

3 goes UNDER the screen from 5.
5 cuts back into lane hard,

2 makes cut to get open.

4 looks at 5 cutting....if not there passes to the 2.

3 keeps going to post up.
If 2 cannot pass to the 3 posting......the 3 goes to weak side corner.

5 drops down.

4 makes an L-cut for a PICK AND POP with the 2.

The 1 moves up a little.
2 has 5 options...........
Shoot out of pick and pop.
Pass to 4
Pass to 5
Pass to 1
Pass to 3

If ball goes to 4 he has 2 options.
Shoot right away.
Submitted by: Sean Jamel McCaw
Category: Offense man
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