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Offense 1-4
Playname: Overload
1 dribbles to either side after calling "O"

2 and 3 step-slide with 2 going to the corner and 3 step-sliding around arc keeping good spacing.  The opposite post (4) crosses over and post up on the block.

Option 1:
Our first option will be to see if we can hit 4 on the cut or 5 in a solid post-up position on the defense.  If we cannot get the ball inside or the 4 or 5 kick it back out, we now have the option of a shot or to start reversing the ball.
Option 2:
When the ball goes from the wing to the top of the key, the 5 will screen the middle defender in the zone as 4 cuts. If 4 does not get the ball for the easy shot, then 4 continues on to the high post. After making the solid pick, the 5 will finally release and go to the low block.
Option 3:
If the pass is not made to the middle, then the 3 will start dribbling over to the other wing with the 1 following by step-sliding and filling 3's spot. The 2 will cut to the opposite corner as soon as he sees the 3 taking the ball to the other wing. This now sets us up in the overload on the other side and we continue running our cuts and rotation until we score.
Submitted by: Daniel Brown
Category: Offense 1-4
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