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Playname: Overload motion 2
1. We start the offense in a 3 post look.

2. point guard either dribbles to free throw line extended area or passes to 2 who will dribble to free throw line extended.

3. Ball side post will pop to corner area.
4. High post will cut below block to short corner.

5. Back side post will pop to high or mid post, depending on ("the bubble).
Play overload offense here.

1 passes to 4 in the corner.
3 options:
Pass to high or low post and reverse the ball back to 1.
If the ball goes to high post, 3 will slip into the hole under the defense for a layup OR 2 will dive to the basket on the back side.
If the ball goes to the short corner (3)  5 will dive to rim.
If nothing is open reverse the ball.
5 will cut behind the defense below the block to the corner

3 Flashes High Post

4 slips to the short corner.
 Same options are available again.
Submitted by: Lloyd Mahaffey
Categories: Offense motion, Offense
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