Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Pass, run, lay-up
Players required: 10+

Have two payers on each sideline free throw line extended. Place two players under each basket with a ball.

Player 1 gives a pass to player 2 and runs towards the middle.
Player 6 gives a pass to player 7 and does the same.
Players 2 and 7 pass the ball back. Running players must receive the ball before they cross in the middle.

After their passes, players 2 and 7 line up behind players 5 and 10.

Player 1 passes to 4, player 6 passes to 9.
Players 1 and 6 must receive their ball before they reach the bucket.
Players 1 and 6 finish with a lay-up.
Players 4 and 9 get the rebound.
Now players 4 and 9 repeat the drill with a pass to players 8 and 3.
After their lay-up, players 1 and 6 line up behind players 8 and 3.
This way we get a continuous motion.


- a lay-up on one side and a jump shot on the other
- first player on sideline gives a chest pass, second gives a bouncer
Submitted by: Martin Overheul
Category: Layups
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