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Offense man
Playname: Phoenix offense
1. 5 curls from strong side and sets ball screen.
2. 1 comes off ball screen as 3 flashes to mid-post.
3. 1 passes to 3 in mid-post as 5 slips the ball screen just set.

4. 4 traces arc, clearing backside.
5. Continues to cut to the rim.
6. 3 has many options of the mid-post: go one-on-one in the post; 2 (shooter) in the corner; 5 cutting to rim; 4 on wing (shooter or slasher); and 1 as a pressure release option.

* The 5 man must set a solid screen to free 1 for the pass and divert attention.
* The 3 must be a good passer, being able to see the floor from the mid to high post; must also be patient.
* Timing is the most important thing on this play, as the 5 slipping the screen needs to be at the same time as 3 receives the ball; at the same time, 4 is clearing the backside by curling around to the wing.
Submitted by: Khristopher Williams
Category: Offense man
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