Basketball plays and drills
Playname: Pick-n-drive
2 defenders (1,2),
2 shooters (1,2) and
2 rebounders (3,4).

Defender passes the ball to a shooter.
Defender closes out on Shooter in good defensive position between Shooter and the basket.
Rebounder sets a pick for Shooter.
When setting the pick, Rebounder must establish a good base and be certain not to throw hips out or otherwise foul Defender.

Shooter drives to the basket.
Shooter rubs shoulders with Rebounder as he runs defender into the pick.
Shooter explodes to the basket with the ball for a lay up.

Simultaneously, Rebounder turns with good position and boxes out Defender.
On the box out, Rebounder must lock Defender in back of him, keeping Defender on his hip as Shooter drives to the basket.

After the shot goes up, Rebounder secures the ball.
Rebounder passes the ball to the next Defender in the line and gets into Defender line.

Defender gets in the Shooter line and Shooter gets in the Rebounder line and the next series of players executes the drill.
Submitted by: Daniel O'Connor
Category: Fundamentals
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