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Offense zone
Playname: Pin-pon
Start with an open 1-2-2.
1 passes the ball to 2 who has the first option of a shot.
Player 2 passes the ball to 4 who will look for his shot.
If 4 doesn't shoot he looks for the pass to 2 who cuts to the basket.
Player 1 takes the place of rhe 2 and the 3 takes the spot of the 1.
Player 5 uses the confusion to set up a screen on the edge of the bucket.
This it is the movement that 2 makes if he doesn't receive the ball . He continues to cut and use the screen of 5.
4 passes to 1 who has a shot option.
The 1 passes to 3 who has a look for his 3 point shot.
If not he creates a good passing angle to be able to passes the ball to 2.
2 can then play his options with the center 5.



If 2 cannot throw, he passes the ball back to 3 and cuts alongside the baseline to the opposite corner using the screen of 4.
3 will look for his long distance shot.
3 passes to 1which can make a shot or pass the ball to 2 which is in a shot position with the post 4.

2 dribbles back to his start position and passes to 1 now we are back at the starting 1-2-2.

Submitted by: Manuel Fernando Gomez
Category: Offense zone
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