Basketball plays and drills
Offense zone
Playname: Play # 2 - motion offense
These plays are used for 5th and 6th Graders.
This Zone Offense is intended to get them to
move the ball from the strong to the weak side.
Point Guard 1 brings ball upcourt, calling #2
Zone offense before crossing half court.
Player's move after he crosses and says "Go"
Player 1 passes to either Player 2 or 3 that
pop up to the wings. In this example the
pass goes to Player 3. If Player 3 should drive or take jumper if he's open. Otherwise the play continues.
Player 4 pops to the corner to receive pass
from Player 3.
Player 4 looks to pass to Player 5 cutting
across or Player 1 dropping down to corner of
foul line.
If ball isn't passed to Player 5 or 1 then
Player 4 passes the ball back to Player 3.
At the same time Player 1 slides across the
foul line.
Player 2 moves to the top of the key.
Player 3 quickly passes to Player 2 at the top of the key who then passes to Player 1
who has dropped down from the corner of the
foul line. Player 1 either takes a jump shot or
drives to the basket.
Submitted by: John Hinton
Category: Offense zone
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