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Playname: Post play rules
When one post player receives the ball, the other post player cuts, diagonally, across the lane to the opposite block. This can happen when both post players are at the high post or in a high low set. See sequences 1,2, and 3. In addition, we will at times set up with both players in the low post to start just to give the defense a different look, but the same basic cuts will apply once the ball starts moving around the parimeter.
When receiving the ball high post players should catch and inside pivot and FACE the basket. By squaring and facing the basket, the high post player can see both the offside wing and the ballside wing. Low post players should catch, chin and look over their high side shoulder.


When the ball is passed from the wing to the top of the key, the high post screens for the low post. The screen should be made on the middle defender. For proper timing and to come from behind the defense, the low post should pivot on his baseline foot towards the baseline, then crossover through the screen. If the low post does not get the pass from the top, he should continue on to the other high post position. The post man setting the screen should roll after setting the pick to the other low post.
Submitted by: Daniel Brown
Category: Offense 1-4
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